With termite season in full swing, it’s extremely important to know the warning signs of an infestation. Formosan subterranean termites are the mot aggressive and destructive timber pests in the United States, especially in the south. A Formosan termite infestation can be detrimental to your home or structure, causing thousands of dollars in damage if left untreated.

What You Need to Know About Termites

Formosan termites are found in the southern states due to an optimal warm climate. The swarmer and soldier termites appear in large numbers around late spring or summer, usually following a warm rainy day. They prefer to swarm in high humidity between dusk to midnight, and are attracted to lights.  Including the wings, their bodies are around 1/25” and are a pale yellow-brown color. Given their size and aggressive behavior, a colony of Formosan termites can do more damage than any other subterranean termite colony in the United States.

A suitable nesting location provides a constant moisture source and a readily available and convenient food source. Nests are typically underground, containing millions of termites. They constantly forage for food sources within a 400-foot radius, actively feeding on timber structures like trees, buildings or free standing poles.

Termites Can Take Over Quickly

Termites can quickly enter a home or structure through cracks in flooring or foundation. Once inside, if there’s a moisture pocket within the walls, due to faulty plumbing and such, the termites can establish a secondary colony in moist wood to attack upper floors of homes and buildings. Typically, these nests develop in areas of high humidity where wood moisture is above average.  Within 6 months, Formosan termites can cause significant structural damage to your home. At minimum, the average homeowner will pay around $3,000 to repair termite damage, depending on the extent of the damage and what was destroyed.

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