Rodents can be a pain to live with and can also lead to a number of hidden expenses for homeowners. The longer these pests stay in your home the larger their dens and hiding places can become. Often infestations that go ignored can produce incredibly expensive and difficult repairs around your house. Rats and mice love to harbor in places that are easy to hide in and hard to reach. Without early detection, you and your loved ones can be left with hefty bills and payments to fix unwanted damages. Here are five costly issues that can arise if a rodent infestation goes untreated for too long.

Electrical Damage

Rodents love to chew on everything, including electrical wires. These annoying pest will munch on wiring, insulation and cords that are essential to some of the most expensive products in your home. Not only can this lead to costly repairs but it can also be very dangerous for your family. When they strip off the insulation on important wiring the chance of electrical fires sparking in your home greatly increases. Rodents can even destroy electrical panels that affect the electrical system of your entire home. With early detection this problem can easily be avoided and you can avoid a load of unnecessary fees and repairs.

Damage To Important Systems in Your Home

Rodents can infiltrate air conditioning units, ducts and systems all across your home. These animals can live inside of your home’s air returns, chew through ducts and create nests inside the tiniest places in your air conditioning system. These types of damages can ruin expensive equipment and lead to permanent damage. You and your family could also be exposed to harmful air contaminated with rat waste, urine and dander. Proper prevention can remove these pests out of these hard to reach areas and save your family from a load of problems.

Structural Damage

All mice have incredibly sharp teeth and incisors, making it easy for them to chew through whatever comes in their path. These rodents often chew holes through whatever surface they come into contact with and make routes throughout your home. It’s not a problem for them to chew through wood, sheetrock, furniture and other materials when their determined to create a passage. This can lead to a number of difficult and hard to reach repairs for homeowners. Inspections can reveal where these creatures are hiding and the routes their creating in your home.


Nasty germs and bacteria that can be found in rodent waste will quickly spread throughout your home as an infestation grows. It’s very common to come into contact with rodent waste, urine and saliva on easily accessible surfaces like cabinets and countertops. Airborne germs can also present dangers for families who live with these pests. Sweeping or cleaning droppings will only stir up rodent waste and make it easier to breathe in harmful bacteria. Proper prevention methods and cleaning can make it much easer to avoid illnesses that can arise from rodent waste.


Rodent colonies commonly come with unpleasant odors that are often unbearable and make it difficult to live in your home. Unchecked infestations can grow and introduce a slew of unusual smells that agitate asthma, respiratory problems and allergies. Rodents can also become trapped in hard to reach areas of your home and die, which can cause extreme odor problems that call for expensive treatments. Regular inspections can help prevent infestations and tough to expel odors.