Your DIY Pest control efforts may be adding to your pest control problem. Below we’ve listed five problems with DIY Pest Control, and how to avoid making these mistakes!

Human Error

Pest control requires a good bit of technical detail and expertise. Most insect behavior primarily revolves around avoiding danger. Outsmarting these pests at their own game is much more difficult than you think. The most effective pest control programs require repeated treatments, detailed treatment methods, and the instructions must be followed to ensure the desired results. Very often, homeowners will breeze over essential details or may treat the wrong areas of the home. Failing to follow instruction or human error will ultimately derail the treatment, and allow those pests to see another day.


Knowing the Pest Well

Each pest follows a unique pattern of habits and behavior specifically suited to keep them alive. Pest control professionals study these details to create the perfect pesticides and specific treatment methods that target pest at the appropriate stage of development. Whenever you’re treating an infestation, it’s important to know the pest well enough to understand how they’ll react to the treatment and how to follow up any additional problems. This lack of knowledge is where most homeowners fail with DIY pest control.


Not Targeting the Source

DIY pest control is notorious for spot treating. When performing pest control at home, most people only treat the pests that they can see, and not the colony. Without treating the source, pests will continue to come back. To truly prevent infestations, homeowners will need to figure out exactly where the pests are coming from and block all entry points. Finally, they’ll need to treat the pest correctly to ensure they don’t return.


Using Harmful Pesticides

Most pesticides use heavy-duty chemicals to do their job. If you misuse these pesticides, DIY treatments can pose a threat to the health and safety of your family.  When these chemicals are touched, ingested, or mishandled you can get sick pretty quickly. Safe handling and application procedures are meant to protect your family. A professional, licensed pest control company will understand how to treat your home safely, without endangering your family.


Ignoring The Signs that You Need Professional Help

Using over the counter pesticides and treatments will only get you so far. These products are designed to kill pest on contact but don’t truly help prevent an infestation from spreading. Spending all of your time using these methods will simply allow the problem to get bigger, and by the time the infestation has spread it will be even more difficult to contain. Contacting a professional will save your time, money and sanity.


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