Spring is right around the corner, and so are some of the worst pests of the season.


Every spring bugs and wildlife start to work their way into your home. Being proactive now can give you the upper hand to prevent an unwanted infestation. Here are a few pest control tips to having a bug-free home this spring and summer.


Treat Standing Water

Most pests love water! Any water source close to your home can attract pests and make your property look welcoming. Address any leaks or stagnant water as soon as you can. These areas can become a breeding source for mosquitos and other pests. Clean your gutters regularly to ensure water flows properly, too.


Properly Contain Food Sources

Storing food around the property surrounding your home can attract pests. Waste, gardens, and pet food all commonly attract insects. Pest experts recommended keeping pet food in a sealed container indoors, while they also suggest putting a fence around your home garden to protect your vegetables.


Seal All Entryways to Your Home

Cracks, holes, and gaps in your home’s foundation make the perfect entrance for pests. Use caulk to fill these places by specifically focusing on exterior openings that go directly outdoors. And don’t forget, window screens can be a great way to deter pests as well!  No matter how nice the weather, keep all doors closed. Open doors are a huge gateway for pests to infiltrate your home.


Keep Clean

Debris and trash in your yard is a huge welcome sign for pests, too. Ticks, ants, and other insects that sting, love to hideout in these places. Clean all clutter from your yard and don’t miss the space under your deck or porch. If left unchecked, these dark, quiet spaces can become a home for unwanted pests.


Treat the Perimeter of Your Property

Treating your property with insecticide can be your first line of defense against the most persistent pests. An Arrow Termite and Pest Control certified professional can visit your property for an assessment to create the right plan for you. Call us today for your Free Estimate.