Just about every home across the country has one thing in common at any given time:  insect and/or rodent problems.  For most people, these pest problems consist of the occasional spider or silverfish, for others it can mean a complete roach or mouse infestation.  The question you may be asking yourself is this, “Do I really need to hire a professional?”  The answer, of course, is completely dependent on your situation.

Can You Identify the Source of Your Pest Problem?

Pest problems will vary throughout the year, as different seasons and temperatures bring a different type of pest in and around your home.  If you’re seeing spiders, ants or mice in your home, it means they’re able to gain access to your home from the outside.

Before you can determine how to treat your pest problem (or whether or not you’ll be able to treat it yourself) is to identify where these critters are gaining access to your home, which can prove pretty tricky.  In many cases, pests can gain access to your home in the least likely of places, meaning it’s entirely possible to overlook the real source.  Ant problems, for example, are relatively easy to identify as you can simply follow the trail to the entrance; however, rodents like mice are incredibly dedicated and can find entry to your home in the tiniest of places, leaving no trail to follow.

Do it Yourself Pest Control

As we all know, there are DIY pest control products available at just about any major retailer, with solutions for everything from mice to spiders and wasps.  Most of these products will utilize chemicals and pesticides that need to be sprayed around the home or directly on the pests themselves.  There are also baits available for rodent or ant problems.

For most of these at home treatments, it’s relatively simple to take care of.  Simply find the source of the problem, spray the area or set out some traps.  Unfortunately, these methods may not always work and may require repeat treatments to control the problem.

If you’re going to attempt DIY pest control, follow these tips:

  • Keep all food sources in sealed, air tight containers
  • Make sure to remove trash, food and crumbs immediately
  • Keep debris, limbs and grass clippings away from your home and yard
  • Repair any loose siding, cracks in windows or walls
  • Keep your home clean and routinely wipe down counters and areas where food is consumed

When to Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

When DIY pest control products fail, it’s best to call in a professional.  These products are meant to be used for small problems and may not always effectively eliminate pests, as they very often won’t treat the source of the problem.

For serious pest problems, infestations and pests that you can’t seem to control on your own, it’s best left to a pest control company to handle.  Professional pest control companies not only have equipment and products that are more effective, they are also professionally trained to know how to treat pest control problems at the source of entry, making sure that pests are gone for good.