As a city in South Louisiana, Baton Rouge comes with its own unique pest control problems. Our warm, semi tropical climate creates the perfect atmosphere for pests to thrive and grow their colonies. There are a few insects that survive best in our city because of this setting. Here are some of the most common pest you’ll find in our city that make Baton Rouge Pest Control difficult for homeowners to manage on their own.



Louisiana is known for wet humid summers. These months create an environment that mosquitoes thrive in, and citizens throughout the city often feel their presence. Very often, these pests carry dangerous diseases and illnesses that can be easily transmitted to humans. There are about 60 different mosquito species living in Louisiana. Two species that are capable of transmitting the Zika virus are included. Studies from the World Health Organization show that Zika is linked to birth defects and paralysis in adults. Over 4 million people will be infected with the virus over the next year.



The German cockroach is the most common type of roach found in the country, and these pests are found all throughout Baton Rouge. Other roach species found in Louisiana include the American cockroach and smoky-brown roach. These pests love warm, moist environment making Louisiana the perfect location. Often, roaches are found in high-filth areas or places where there is open food. They’re known to carry diseases like E.coli and salmonella.



Both the subterranean and drywood termite can be found in Louisiana. These termites survive off different types of wood, but both of them can be extremely damaging to properties. Subterranean termites chew through the interior part of wood and then fill in the holes with dirt or mud. It’s difficult to discover the damage done by these pests early on. Drywood termites live on dry wood and leave feces behind instead of filling in the holes with dirt. Both types of termites can accumulate thousands of dollars of damage.



Spiders can be found almost anywhere but Louisiana’s unique climate creates the perfect atmosphere for almost all breeds of spider. Some of the most commonly found spiders in Baton Rouge include fishing spiders, garden spiders and bold jumping spiders. Spiders love dark, moist places!  The brown widow spider, brown recluse spider and black widow spider are all spiders with poisonous venom that can be found in Baton Rouge.