Having a messy neighbor can be an annoyance, but it becomes more than that when their mess leads to bugs in your house. You shouldn’t have to call pest control every week or two just to correct an issue from the people next door. If you can’t get rid of the neighbors themselves, you should do your part to keep your house as free from bugs as possible. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Get Your Home Sprayed Regularly

If you spray your house for bugs once a month, you won’t have to worry about new insects coming into your home. This spray may not kill the bugs on contact, but it will create a shield that they do not crawl across. This is especially effective against spiders, crickets, water beetles, and cockroaches.

Note that the indoor/outdoor you can buy at a supermarket or home improvement store is a diluted version of what the professionals use. They have to have special licenses to work with the harsh chemicals that truly fight off bug problems. You may spend more money working with the pros, but the results of your money will be much better.

Keep Trash Covered and Clear

You can’t afford to have trash lying around if your neighbors have bugs. That is one of the most important things that bugs look for – food. Get a trash can with a heavy lid to house your trash sacks, and take out your trash before it gets too full. If you recycle, make sure you clean out any cans you put in the recycle bin because the bugs will be attracted to the leftover soda.

Minimize Potential Shelters for the Bugs

Aside from food, most insects are going to look for shelter of some sort to protect themselves and lay eggs in. You need to make sure you have limited opportunities for them to form those shelters. If you have lawn ornaments, move them around every week or two. Even if all you do is move them a couple inches, you will stir up the bugs and force them to find a new home.

Report the Neighbors

If the problem becomes unbearable, report your neighbors to the housing authority, homeowners’ association, home owners (if they are renting), etc. Someone has authority over the property. You just have to explain how your neighbors are influencing your life and safety. The authorities will find a way to correct the problem.