Termites cause trouble for homeowners across the United States every year.  Because of this a number of Americans spend a large time amount of time discussing their fears, concerns and ideas about treatment. A lack of input from pest control professionals has led to a handful of myths about termites becoming popular beliefs. Here are six common beliefs about termites that are completely false and most likely making your home more susceptible to invasion.

It’s easy to detect a termite infestation.

Termites move silently. Once you finally spot them on your property it’s most likely too late. It takes the creatures some time before they are visible and able to be found. However, before you spot them personally they were most likely already hiding in small out of reach places. They choose small cracks and crevices to hide in that are hard to reach on your own. Due to their breeding habits it’s very difficult to be aware of where they’re hiding before they have settled in.

My home was treated for termites already; I don’t need to be worried.

One treatment is not enough to keep termites away. So many homeowners can go for years without getting their home inspected by a professional. Going this long with a getting insight from a pest control experts is a recipe for disasters, because without a look from a trained eye an infestation can quickly spread. Having your home examined once a year can save you and your family from a huge amount of stress.

My house is safe! It’s brick and on a concrete slab.

Of course, termites don’t eat brick or concrete! However anything containing cellulose can be a target for these bugs. Termites can eat through drywall, wallpaper and wooden furniture. Also, a lot of brick homes have wooden frames that are still susceptible to damage. Termites are capable of finding cracks in brick and concrete to get to the wood in your home.

Termites won’t target my home, there’s a lot of trees and decaying wood nearby.

Termites may spend some time chewing through the mulch and wood lying around your house but they’re always on the hunt for a new source of food. Your home has enough wood concentrated in one area to help a colony grow and thrive. It may seem like your safe if you’re surrounded by wood but termites are always looking for a place to grow their colony and protection from disturbances.

DIY Treatment is the best solution for my problem.

Solving termite problems on your own will not produce the results you desire. This may seem like the most affordable and simple way to deal with an infestation but ultimately your allowing this infestation to grow. Commercial insecticides and repellents aren’t strong enough to take out a termite colony. Even if you do find the right chemicals to use, it’d be difficult for you to target the right areas without the help of a professional.

Termite protection and treatment cost way too much.

There’s a large number of treatment options available and useful for solving your termite problems. A termite warranty with a professional termite or pest control company can be the most affordable and useful option for your family. Contact Arrow Pest Control to get more information on what treatment option is best for you.

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