Louisiana is well known for its abundance of wildlife, and while the winter months bring hunting season into full swing, it also means that homeowners are at an increased risk of finding that same wildlife taking up residence in their homes.  Winter months in Louisiana mean a whole new world of outdoor activities, but also means a whole new world of pest control problems for homeowners.

To help keep your home from becoming a wildlife boarding house during the winter, follows these tips to make sure your home is prepared to deal with the increase in cold weather pests.

Close Entry Points to Your Home

Pests like mice can use just about any crack, regardless of size, as an entry method into your home.  Often times small holes that appear too small for anything to fit into are the entry points for mice and other creatures.  To help prevent pests from getting into your home, it’s important to seal any potential entry points to your home.

Take the opportunity to walk around your home and seal up cracks around windows and doors, openings where pipes enter your home above ground and any cracks/holes in the foundation of the home itself.  Take a look at the weather stripping around your garage or entry doors and replace if needed.

Store Food in Air Tight Containers

Ideally, all food, including pet food, should be stored inside and in air tight containers.  If for whatever reason you need to store these items outside, make sure you do so in a closed container.  Any food items, whether inside or outside, that are left open create a food source for pests that may attract them to your home.  In addition, make sure to keep your home clean, free of crumbs and debris and ensure that any spills in your kitchen are cleaned up quickly, sugary spills make a great attractant for ants looking for a winter home.

Keep Firewood Away from Your Home

Winter months in Louisiana are often referred to as “fire season,” as people start lighting fires on their property, and these weekend fires require some sort of fuel.  This means that firewood is likely being stored somewhere on the property.  Unfortunately, stacks of firewood create a few problems, they provide a place for pests to hide from the elements and can create a food source for certain types of pests.  If you intend to store firewood in your yard, make sure that it’s being kept as far away from the house as possible.  For added security, store your firewood in a sealed container or outdoor building.

Take Control of Drainage and Water Problems

Many homes in the south, especially recently built homes, do not have guttering and may experience poor drainage.  Standing water may not immediately seem like a problem, but areas around your home that have repeat moisture problems can be an attractant and breeding ground for pests.  By installing gutters or improving drainage around your property, not only will you reduce the chances of water damage to your home, but you’ll help to remove potential problem areas for pests.

Remove Debris from Your Property

As with stored firewood, piles of debris including leaves and branches, as well as discarded or unused items can create winter homes for a variety of pests.  To help reduce the chance of pests showing up around your home, make sure to remove any piles of leaves/debris from around your home, clean up any items that may have been sitting around your property collecting dust to reduce your chance of pest problems.

While remove problem items from your home can make a major difference, the ultimate method of controlling pests during winter months is to hire a professional.  If you’re concerned about potential entry points for mice and other pests, contact Arrow Termite & Pest Control and get an expert inspection and treatment before the cold weather arrives!

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