Like any pest, wasps are a nuisance that most people would prefer to avoid.  Unlike many other pests, however, wasps carry the potential for aggressive behavior and injury with even the most casual of contact.  While stray wasps can be found just about anywhere, the presence of a nest can create an uncomfortable living environment and can ruin any outdoor experience.

Remove Attractive Food Sources

Wasps, just like any other pest, have to eat.  Wasps are attracted to sweet foods and proteins and will more than likely be found if you’ve got food left outside and unsealed for periods of time.  To help keep wasps away from your home, simply make sure that any potential food sources (including hummingbird feeders) are kept away from the perimeter of the home.

Eliminate the Nest with Wasp Killer

While it can be a bit terrifying when you encounter a stray wasp, running into a nest outside your home can cause you to panic and can make enjoying the outdoors more difficult.  If your problem has reached the point that there are nests around your home, it may be time to  bring in a wasp killer.  There are many different options available that will allow you to neutralize the nest from a safe distance, but it’s important to make sure you follow a few safety tips to reduce your risk of being stung in the process.

  • Wear thick, protective clothing
  • Only attempt to spray the nest in the evening when wasps are less active/aggressive

Wash Out Underground Nests

Hanging wasps nests are more than likely the first to be noticed, but many people will encounter nests that are built in the ground or notice wasps emerging from small holes.  If you’re able to identify an underground nest, you can take steps to eliminate it by pouring soapy water into the entrances and covering the hole once it’s been filled.  Any wasps that’s inside will be eliminated and blocking the entrance will prevent others from returning.

Hang a Sandwich Bag Filled with Water

The reasons behind this seemingly insane idea are many, but the bottom line is that people swear by it’s effectiveness.  Some people claim it resembles a spider web to them and others that the reflection from the water blinds their eyes.   Either way, the internet swears by this method, so if you’re looking for a way to deter wasps without killing them, it’s an affordable method to try out for yourself.

Build a Wasp Trap

You may have seen this method floating around on social media sites in the past, and many feel it’s an effective option to keep wasps out of your home.  For hard to locate nests (or those of us too terrified to find them), creating a wasp trap is a simple and effective solution to controlling wasp populations in your yard.

If you want to try to build a wasp trap, the instructions are fairly simple:

  1. Cut the top off of a 2 liter soda bottle
  2. Flip the top upside down and insert into the bottle, creating a funnel (staple, tape or glue in place)
  3. Fill the bottle with an attractant like soda or fruit juice
  4. Hang the bottle with a string or set it somewhere away from the home on a level surface.
  5. Empty and refill as needed