No one wants to see bugs crawling around the lawn because it is only a matter of time before they come into the house. You could wait for them to go into hiding over the winter, or you could decide to take action right now. Before you let a bug problem get out of control, you need to find ways to keep your yard as clear as possible. Here are five tips for keeping bugs off your lawn.

Keep Trash Contained

Don’t leave trash bags out for rodents, insects, and wildlife to smell. They will instantly be attracted to the food and flood your home. Keep trash sacks in a large plastic container, and secure the top of it with a lid. Make sure to empty your trash barrel regularly, and try washing it out at least once a month. If you can lock your trash in your garage or shed, that would be even better.

Clean Your Driveway

Your driveway can collect all sorts of food and moisture that bugs love to live in. It can also be an incubator for future batches of babies. If you want to minimize your risk of having bug problems, clean your driveway regularly. Pick up trash when you see it, and wash everything off at least once a month. If you can power wash the concrete seams, that would be even better.

Maintain Your Home

Having a clean exterior means nothing if your home’s interior is a breeding ground for bugs. Take out the trash and scrub down the floors as often as possible, making sure to collect any crumbs that may be lingering. Seal cracks as they develop and block any entries you find for bugs and rodents. You can get an inspector to look over this for you if need be.

Move Lawn Ornaments

Lawn ornaments are great places for bugs to breed because they provide shelter from the sun and rain. Thus it is a good idea to move them around every once and a while, even if you only move them a few inches. Check underneath garden décor, toys, fountains, and other additives on your lawn, and get rid of any bugs that come up during the move.

Use Pest Control

Of course, we’re going to recommend regular pest control to ensure bugs stay off your lawn. We’ve got the chemicals that can repel bugs for months, and we’d be happy to spray your home for you. With the right maintenance and the right schedule, you should have no problems at all with bugs.