Having termites on a property presents a wide array of problems for any homeowner! To prevent the damage that a termite infestation comes along with its important that you take steps to protect your home. These five tips will help you guard your home and lower your chance of attracting unwanted termite visitors.

Reduce or Eliminate Sources of Moisture

Termites are just like any other insect; they need water to survive. When they are seeking out a home, the bugs are looking for a place that’s able to supply them with a steady source of water. When your home has just enough soil and moisture to support a colony, you become a risk for infestations. To avoid having a new set of roommates try to remove any and all unwanted sources of water on your property. Make sure your homes water pipes are in good shape and ensure that your gutters are working efficiently. Keeping water away from the foundation of the home reduces the threat of infestation.

Eliminate Sources of Food

Termites thrive when they have access to cellulose in any and all forms. The more wood you have laying around your home, the greater the chance of an infestation. You should try to remove all non-living wood sources from around your house. Any piles of landscaping wood, firewood or mulch should be moved and properly stored away. All of these things can make a great home for termites and support the growth of a colony.

Remove Shrubbery from Around the Home

Plants directly near and around the home make a great environment for termite guests. Having plant growth close to the home, such as brush and bushes, puts your home at a higher risk. Removing these plants from near the home can help to prevent attracting termites. Creating a good distance between your home and your plants makes your home less attractive to termite colonies.

Seal Access Points

The best way to stop termites from entering your home is to make sure there’s no way for them to get in. The tiny insects can come into your residence in a variety of ways, but ensuring that there are no points of access for them in and around your home makes it easier to block them out. Proper sealing or caulking of openings from the outside of your home can help limit termites access to your house. Check any holes, cracks, doorframes and window frames for gaps.

Regular Inspection

Having your property inspected by a professional is the best way to protect your home from termites. A termite expert knows exactly what to look for and all the places to check. It’s common for homeowners to recognize the infestation once it’s too late to be treated, and a significant amount of damage has been done. Having a professional inspect your property annually is an inexpensive alternative to having to pay for extensive termite damage.

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