We have all seen them. Most of us probably have mistaken them for baby cockroaches, or termites, or some translucent bug that just seems to come out of nowhere. They’re called silverfish and, if you live in the south, you’re probably pretty familiar with them. Now, you may know WHAT they are, and what they’re called. But do you know anything else about them, outside of their name? Let’s learn more about them with our list of FIVE things you should know about silverfish:

They have a strange diet.

For some reason, silverfish love adhesives and starch. Not the starch we’re thinking of, but starch as in books, cardboard, and newspaper. They also enjoy fabrics such as carpets and sheets. Surprisingly enough, this is their food. Their teeth (mandibles) are used for scraping food. Don’t worry; they can’t bite.

They are ancient.

Think about this: cockroaches have been around for ~200 million years. Okay, well, silverfish have been around for double that. These ancient bugs have been crawling around for the last 400 million years, relatively unchanged in how they look.

Silverfish don’t need food.

Well, they do, kind of. Silverfish can go up to an entire year without food. Yeah, that’s right. So don’t think you’ll be free from these pests just because you don’t have food lying around. Plus they enjoy the taste of wallpaper and books and fabric. There’s no way you’re going to be able to hide those things.

They’re not fish.

For those who are not aware of silverfish, it’s important to know they aren’t fish. They actually can’t even swim. However, they do have silver scales like a fish. When they move, they do it in a side-to-side motion that looks like a fish tail when it’s swimming. To add to all of this, they prefer damp and moist areas, which is why most people find them in sinks or bathrooms. Hence, the “fish” title.

You’re going to need our help.

Yes, as we said: most of us have seen these things crawling around our bathroom. Look, we live in the south. These things happen and are, to an extent, normal. Silverfish love moisture, which is one thing the south has in excess. The fact that these bugs have been around for roughly 400 million years means another thing: they’re resistant to most pesticides. There is no trick or DIY method out there. If you see one, don’t panic. However, if you keep seeing them, you’re going to need a professional to help you out.

While they aren’t incredibly hazardous to a home, silverfish do enjoy eating wallpaper and other fabrics. This can – when ignored – lead to a homeowner spending a pretty penny on repairs. Save yourself the time and the money, if you think you have a silverfish problem, call us today!