Termites can be detrimental to the integrity of a home, and they can strike anywhere at any time. The sooner you are able to catch a termite problem, the better protected your house will be. The list below shows five signs of termite damage that you can use to identify issues from the start. You can use it to decide if you need termite treatment for your home.

1 – Cracked Walls

If you notice cracks in your walls, they could be due to termite damage. As the pests bury themselves in the wooden frames of a wall, they can cause the wall to start to collapse. They can also damage the foundation to the point that the walls sink and crack. Have an inspector come out to check cracks in the walls to see if termites are the culprits.

2 – Visible Tunnels

Drywood termites like to eat away at antique furniture, and they will eventually dig tunnels that are visible on the service. If you start to see maze-like channels dug out of your wood furniture, you may want to get a pest control expert out to treat your home. You could have a big problem on your hands.

3 – Raised Floors

When subterranean termites build up underneath a home’s foundation, they can create mounds that bubble the flooring. There are many other factors that may cause this bubbling effect, so don’t automatically assume it is termites. Contact an inspector to review the situation and decide what is causing your uneven floors.

4 – Wood Dust

If you have exposed wood in your home, check around it for dust and small pieces of wood. If you find a regular supply of dust around a certain area, push your finger into the wood to see if it is soft. Assuming that it pushes through like a sack of flour, you probably have a termite infestation on your hands.

5 – Fallen Wings

In the summer, winged termites will shed their wings. These critters often live in the carpets of a home, so you may see sprinkles of clear wings lying around. Be aware of this as you vacuum so you can have someone address the problem for you.

If you know you have termite damage in your home, you need to get it treated right away. Support any walls or floors that have lost their integrity, and get everything treated to prevent similar problems in the future.