Homeowners have so many tasks to keep up with to make sure everything runs smoothly in their home. Repairs, maintenance, and improvements are always needed. Often, termite prevention may be put on the back burner but ignoring pest control could lead to a substantial amount of damage in the future. Here are five reasons why you need a termite inspection for your home.

You’ve Had Termites in the Past

If you’ve had any termite activity in the past, it’s important to keep up with routine inspections. Having one infestation doesn’t typically mean you’re certain to have another but its best to stay up to date. If you haven’t had an inspection in over a year, it’s time to call your pest control company. Termites that are left to swarm and feast can cause extreme and costly damage.

Termites Are Swarming In Your Neighborhood

Seeing a termite swarm in and around your neighborhood means its definitely time to schedule an inspection with a pest control expert. Termites typically swarm when their food supply is low. They can occur any time of the year but are more common in the spring and fall. Swarms don’t indicate any damage to your home, but it does mean there is an active colony near.

You’ve Seen Mud Tubes on Your Property

Subterranean termite species build mud tubes so their colony can move quickly between their food source and their shelter. The tubes act as their primary form of protection from the environment and would-be predators. These tubes are one of the biggest indicators of termite activity on any property. If you’ve seen any tubes on near your home, it may be time to schedule an infestation. Unfortunately, mud tubes aren’t the only indicator of infestation, so its smart to schedule an inspection before they begin to show up on your property.

Visible Wood Damage

If you’re able to see wood damage in and around your home its very likely that you have extensive termite damage on your property. Termites eat from the inside out. They work their way deep inside your walls and begin feasting, slowly working outward. Once the damage is visible on the outside, you’ve probably had an infestation for a long time.

Professional Inspection Can Ease Your Mind

A team of pest control professionals is best equipped to discover and neutralize any termite problems you may have. Inspectors go through continuous education and have experience identifying termites. A thorough inspection can be your only chance to stop an infestation before extreme damage.