Places to look for pestsThere are tons of ways pests can get into your home, and it is logical for you to want to find them. The sooner you detect a problem with insects and other critters, the sooner you can get that problem treated. If you are on the hunt for unwanted guests in your home, here are 5 places to look for pests.

In the Closets

Since most people do not move objects around in their closets, mice, bugs, and other nuisances like to make nests underneath the belongings in them. If you have not cleared out your closets in a long time, now might be a good time to look into spring cleaning.  Move everything around and contact pest control services if you notice any issues along the way.

In the Pantry

Your pantry is full of food and easy-to-chew through boxes that insects and rodents love. That is why it is a common place to find pests throughout the year. Try putting your food in sealed plastic containers, and clean your pantry on a regular basis. This will minimize the chances of a bug sniffing you out.

Under the Bed

Much like the closet, the area under the bed gets neglected a lot when it comes time to clean. This makes it a great spot for special “house guests” to build nests and raise families. If you cannot move your bed around, at least check under it once a month with a flashlight. Also, make an effort to vacuum under there frequently to get rid of bugs and the food that draws them in.

Under the Cabinets

Do you ever look at the area right under your cabinets? We’re referring to that little lip that is only an inch or two deep. Most of us know it exists and walk by it every day. Nevertheless, we fail to clean it the way we need to. Keep an eye on that area for insects, especially roaches and ants. You could have a whole infestation at your feet and not even know it.

Between the Windows

If the seals along your windows and doors are cracked, you may end up with vermin in your house. It is important to keep these areas sealed as much as possible, both for pest control and for energy efficiency. Make sure to check your seals at least once a year, and you will be able to stop a lot of bugs from getting in.