Unfortunately, it’s very easy for fleas to find their way into your home. Once they’ve made their way in it can be tough to get them out. There are a few things you can do to target fleas in your home to get rid of them. These easy pest control tips will help you kick out those unwanted pest and get back to feeling at home.


Use an IGR

Insect growth regulators are some of the most effective treatments you can use to target fleas in your home. A lot of homeowners immediately reach for an insect spray or foggers once they discover a flea problem. Typically products like foggers aren’t nearly as effective as insect growth regulators because they don’t target the fleas in the best way. IGR’s prevent the larvae from growing into adult fleas. Using products that don’t contain an IGR like methoprene or pyriproxyfen won’t control flea behavior because the larvae will be able to continue to grow and thrive deep within the carpet fibers.


Wash Thoroughly

Once your infestation has been identified all lived in areas should be washed thoroughly. All pet bedding or areas where they lie should be washed. Any items that are too flea infested should probably be thrown out. Their eggs are embedded deep within the fabrics and will hatch even if the item is washed in some cases. Wash your own sheets too! Fleas feed on humans as well so many of them can be living in your own bed.



As you clean up your home take the time to vacuum up all potentially flea-infested items. Put a flea collar or some mothball pieces inside the vacuum cleaner to kill the fleas you suck into the vacuum. Target areas of your home that aren’t exposed to heavy sunlight because fleas love humid and cool areas. Whenever you’ve filled the vacuum bag put it in another plastic trash bag. Place the bag in a dumpster or trash container outside the home so they don’t make their way back into your home.


Use a Mixture of Dish Detergent and Water

This homemade flea trap can help attract the pest and kill them. Put a mixture of water and detergent into a bowl that’s low enough to the ground for fleas to jump into. Lay the mixture next to a light source. The fleas will be attracted to the light and jump into the mixture. Over a few days the bowl will fill up with fleas.


Create a Borate Acid Mixture

Natural insecticides like botanical dust and borate target flea larvae before they hatch. Botanical dust is one of the oldest natural insecticides. The dust functions as a poison in fleas but has a low toxicity and is safe to use in humans. Dust all furniture and pet bedding with the mixture. Leave your home for at least 24 hours so the mixture can settle in and when you return vacuum and wash everything.