Whether if it’s a roach, ant, rodent or bed bug, when we see a pest in our home we want them out. By any means necessary. The average homeowners first reaction to a pest problem is to find the fastest and most affordable solution for their situation. Very often that includes buying a number of pesticides, over the counter sprays and traps that won’t bring you any closer to ridding your home of these unwanted guests. Using Do-It-Yourself pest control methods can lead to even more trouble for you and your family because of how easy it is to mistreat your home. Here are a few common mistakes that are easy to make when trying to treat your home without the help of a professional.

Neglecting the Source

Immediately spraying the bugs you see with bug spray will eliminate those in front of you, but won’t solve the problem. Before you begin treating the infestation you should search for the source. Look around your house for unsealed gaps and holes near doors, windows and other small crevices. If there are any gaps seal them up! After sealing up those gaps bait the remaining insects with a pesticide and use the proper product to stamp them out.

Using Harmful Pesticides

Most pesticides use some pretty nasty chemicals to do their job. If used incorrectly they can pose a threat to the health and safety of your pets and children.  When these chemicals are touched, ingested or mishandled one can quickly fall ill because of their toxic nature. When using harmful chemicals to treat pest problems in your home be sure to use safe handling and application procedures as a means of protect your family.

Fighting Infestations with OTC Sprays

When you spot insects in your home, immediately reaching for an over the counter spray may not be the best idea. These sprays can kill bugs on contact, but they also leave behind a residue that will push these insects in other directions. This lowers your chances of actually treating your infestation and gives you an even bigger problem to deal with. Using the proper indoor baiting techniques can help you wipe out an entire colony and not just few stray bugs.

Not Keeping Your Home Clean

When pests are on the hunt for a new home they’re looking for a place that offers shelter and food. When your home is cluttered these creatures have easy access to hiding places and are able to thrive off of stray food. To lower the chance of infestation you should clean your house regularly. Make sure that food and crumbs aren’t left out in the open for extended periods of time. Also be sure to keep your yard clean and eliminate all sources of trash, standing water, dead animals or rotting food. Employing these habits will help you keep pests away from your home!

Ignoring The Signs that You Need Professional Help

Using over the counter pesticides and treatments will only get you so far. These products are designed to kill pest on contact but don’t truly help prevent an infestation from spreading. Spending all of your time using these methods will simply allow the problem to get bigger, and by the time the infestation has spread it will be even more difficult to contain. Contacting a professional will save your time, money and sanity.

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