Methods for getting rid of mice are like methods for getting rid of a cold: everyone has their own way of doing it, and nobody is sure if that approach truly works. Personally, we recommend you call us if you need help getting rid of mice. That being said, there are some DIY methods out there that can help mitigate your problem, until we arrive.

1. The Bucket

This method involves placing a ramp over a bucket attached to either a spinning bottle or flimsy board. You can find various iterations of this online, but the main focus here is to get the mouse to fall into the bucket. The key is to place the bait on the ramp that’s positioned over the bucket. A bottle will start spinning, and a flimsy board will break under pressure. Either way, you will have tricked the mouse into falling into your bucket.

2. The Long Fall

This method also involves a bucket, but no crazy mechanical spindle or faulty board. For this method place the cardboard part of a toilet paper or paper towel roll on the side of your counter. Put some bait on the end of it, and place a bucket underneath it. The mice will go for the bait, and their weight will cause the roll to tip them into the bucket. Viola!

3. The Whiskey Trap

We made this name up, but the method is real. What you’re going to do for this is take a glass cup of any kind – preferably the short kind you drink spirits from. Place some bait at the bottom of the glass, flip it upside down, and prop one side up with a nickel upright (vertically). It’s a little tricky, but it should be delicate enough to trap a mouse once it starts eating the bait.

4. The 2-Liter Trap

Grab an empty two-liter bottle. Cut the top (about 1/4 of the bottle). Flip that part upside down, put it back on the rest of the bottle, and tape the sides, so it’s sealed and secure. At this point, it should look like a regular two-liter bottle, only the top is now pointing inwards instead of out. Sprinkle some bait into the bottle, and you’re done. The logic behind this is that mice go for the bait, fall in the hole, and they can’t climb back out.

5. Buy a Cat

Go and rescue a cat. They’re good hunters and aren’t too fond of mice.

The truth is, while all of these CAN work, they won’t solve the problem. Sure, these methods will net you a few mice – maybe – but they won’t get rid of them for good, especially if you have an infestation of any kind. In the short-term, these methods can work. However, over time, these DIY techniques will start to cost you time and money. Save both and call us today if you think you have a mouse problem in your home!