It's a tough world out there for animal lovers who struggle with pests. Especially when it comes to rats and mice, most of the cheapest and most effective methods of controlling them involve killing them. Fortunately, there actually are a ton of cheap and underrated do-it-yourself tricks that can help you rid your home of rodents without being inhumane. Here are three ideas that can get the job done without harming the little guy.

1. Bottle and Bucket Method
This is a great idea if you suspect more than one rodent is invading your space, since it will continue to work on its own even after one rodent has been caught. You will need: a bucket large enough to fit the rodent and tall enough to prevent escape, a platic bottle or aluminum can, peanut butter, a metal wire, and some sort of wooden plank or wide stick. First, poke a hole on the underside of your can or bottle to run the wire through. Then, create two holes across from each other on the bucket toward the top. Run the wire straight through the can or bottle, going in from the mouth hole and coming out through the hole you've created. Then tie each end of the wire through the holes you drilled through the bucket. Now you should have a bottle or can suspended at the top of the bucket. Give the can a spin and make sure that it has enough room to spin all the way around. Then add peanut butter on the outside of the can. To make your trap even more irresistable, prop the woooden planks up against the bucket to create an easy-access ramp up to the peanut butter. If you've done everything right, the sneaky rodent should walk up the ramp, walk onto the can or bottle, and flip over into the bucket. Then, voila! You've caught your rodent!

2. Spoons and Bucket Method
This method is very similar to the bottle and bucket method, but is more suitable for catching only one rodent at a time. You will need: peanut butter or cheese, a bucket, duct tape, and a disposable spoon. First, LOOSELY tape the tip of the spoon handle to the edge of a table or counter, making sure the spoon part is hanging over. It is crucial that you tape the spoon down loosely for the trap to be effective. If you do not wish to tape it down, you can use silverware that will be heavy enough to hold the bait without falling over. (That is, if you want rats crawling all over your good silverware!) Then add your cheese or peanut butter. Place a bucket (again, large enough to fit the rodent and high enough to prevent escape) underneath the spoon. When the rat approaches the bait, his weight will be too much for the spoon to hold, and will allow him to fall into the bucket.

3.The Coin and Cup Method
Another effective trap that is suitable for catching one rodent at a time, this method requires: a heavy drinking glass, a coin, and peanut butter. Make sure you choose a glass that is large enough to fit any sized rat or mouse, as you sometimes don't know how large the critter is that you're dealing with. Place the peanut butter in the bottom of the glass and flip the glass over, allowing one side to balance up on a coin. When the rodent goes for the peanut butter, he will knock over the coin, trapping him inside the glass. And there you go, you've outsmarted him!

These are only a few of the many pet-friendly, child-friendly, and environmentally-friendly methods to catch a bothersome rodent. They have all been proven to work just as well as most of the rat traps you can buy at the store, but they're cheaper and more humane! Once you have caught your rodents, be sure to release them far from your home to prevent them from re-entering. If possible, try to find how and where they entered initially and close off that space. This can be tricky to do, so calling a pest control company like Arrow Termite and Pest Control can really help you keep these unwanted guests out for good. Visit their website at for more information about help with a pest problem!