We don’t have many cold days here in the south. But, when we do, we’re often not prepared for the sudden shifts in temperatures. We’re not used to snow or anything below 50 degrees, but there is another thing we have to worry about aside wrapping our pipes when it does get a little chilly: Rodents. On a regular basis, rodents try to enter our homes for food and safety. Whether it’s cold or hot, an infestation is something that cannot happen. Once a rodent makes its way into your home – depending on what type it is – it can become quite a nuisance, taking a toll on your mind and wallet. So what can you do to stop rodents from entering your home?

The first step is to call us.

Here at Arrow, we offer free inspections. If you’re worried about rodents entering your home, give us a call. We can come and inspect your home – FOR FREE – to ensure it’s rodent-proof. There is no risk, and you can only benefit from our free inspection. Maybe we’ll show up and find nothing wrong – you never know until you call us!

Second, review your home’s history & search it.

Has your home been infested previously or recently? If you’d had a problem (recurring or not) with rodents in the past, you may be susceptible to another infestation. Whether for safety, warmth, or shelter, rodents will try EXTRA hard to get into your home if they’ve been successful in the past. Along with this, search the home inside and outside to check for any hole or openings that may lead into or out of your home.

The third step is to seal everything, clean everything, and then call us.

Most rodents can fit into a hole the circumference of a pencil. If you see any damage to the home – inside or out – you should seal it up with caulk. Along with this, feel free to put up steel mesh if you don’t want to fill the hole with caulk. Most rodents can chew through just about anything – except steel. Pair with the securing of your home; you need to make sure everything is clean. Practice proper food storage, keep your outside trash clean and covered, and try to trim bushes around your home. Those bushes can be appealing to most rodents. Once they move into the bushes, they may start chewing on your home, looking for a way in.

Obviously, you can’t fully know if your home is protected until you call a professional. While there are steps you can take to secure your home, it’s better to be safe than sorry in this situation. If you’d like us to check your home, or make it rodent-proof, call us today!