Pest and rodent problems are always an invasive and agitating experience. When rodents or pests of any kind enter your home, finding them and removing them could cost you time and money. Nobody wants that. However, imagine if, instead of your home, these problems were happening in your business. Now let’s say that business serves food. Yeah, that’s right: restaurants.

Whether you’re eating or serving food, seeing a rodent or having a pest infestation can become a huge problem. See, when a mouse is in your home, you can get rid of it. You may have to clean up its droppings, buy some traps, call us – but you will otherwise have nothing to worry about when it (or they) is/are gone. However, for restaurants, a customer seeing a rodent or pest could potentially shut them down, cost them money, or damage their reputation. Restaurants are havens for food, which is one thing both rodents and pests love and continuously try to find. So, when it comes to these types of problems, who are the main offenders?


Mice are the trickiest of the bunch, being able to squeeze through openings the size diameter of a pencil. They’re also smart, so they know how to avoid people. One of the key indicators of a mice infestation is the droppings. They use the bathroom a lot, and so you will find their messes throughout various areas where food is stored.


The main cause for these invaders to enter a restaurant would be food, but also faulty pipes. Areas with excess water or leaking pipes may be vulnerable to cockroaches. These things don’t like people or light, so you probably won’t know they are there until you see one, which could be a problem for a restaurant owner. Best method? Preventative measures such as proper pipes, clean areas, and regular inspections.


Flies are one of the most egregious perpetrators when it comes to restaurant pest invasions. We’ve all experienced it: eating food while swatting a fly from something or just seeing them buzz around. Flies want to eat food, and that’s precisely what restaurants give them. However, they love dirty places and thus are less likely to become a problem as long as you make sure your restaurant or location isn’t a mess.

Whether it’s mice, cockroaches or flies, a customer seeing one of these nuisances in a place they’re eating is a disaster. They’re all attracted to food, but you can’t stop producing food, so the best thing to do is make sure you store it properly and keep everything clean. However, the absolute best thing you can do is call us. So, if you think you may have a pest or rodent problem in your business, contact us today!