Texas and Louisiana Flood Damage Treatments

Thank you for visiting this page. Arrow is here to help you as much as possible and provide accurate information. Please call (800) 569-2936 for a free quote. We are ready to assist you.

Texas and Louisiana Flood/Harvey Information

Thank you for visiting this page.  Arrow is here to help you as much as possible and provide accurate information.  Please call (800) 569-2936 for a free quote.  We are ready to assist you.

Services Provided:  Wood Stud Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Termiticide, Rot Fungi, and Viricides

Arrow Provides this service through the product line that Nisus Corp. Manufactures. You can view their product information here.

Great Louisiana Flood of 2016

If your home was recently affected by the flooding in South Louisiana, Arrow Termite & Pest Control can help you prevent mold and termite damage to your home.  Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., is urging homeowners to take steps to prevent the spread of termites as they remodel and clean-up following the recent flood event.

“If your community flooded and soil around your home or business washed away, the applied termiticide barrier may no longer exist and the area may need to be re-treated,” Strain said. “If you have a termite contract, you should contact your pest control company for an inspection.” (From press release dated 3/23/2016.)

Termite Protection

Existing Termite customers need to have their property retreated for termites. The amount of treatment and the treatment type may vary depending on your construction stage and the amount of water your home took on.

  • Boracare Termite Treatment: We can treat the exposed wood studs with a wood preservative that prevents termites while the walls are still open.  Once your home is reconstructed and closed up, we will come back out and perform a perimeter termite barrier treatment around the property.  If you are not a current customer and your home flooded, we can quote discounted termite treatment to your exposed wood studs over the phone!
  • Exterior Termite Treatment: Arrow will need to retreat the exterior of your home and possibly drill or re-drill concrete joints around your home in order to replenish the termite barrier bond to the soil.
  • Sentricon Always Active Baiting System: This FLOOD RESISTANT system has a bait that will remain active after a flooding event.  Stations will be placed approximately every 8-10 ft around the home’s foundation.  Request a free quote from our office.

Pest Control

Existing Pest Control customers need to have their home retreated for pest control. Bugs are attracted to moisture and are making their presence known after the flood. If you are not a current Pest Control customer and your home was flooded, Arrow can perform a one-time pest control treatment for your home during the time of construction to help your property become and remain pest-free. Call our office to get a quote over the phone for quarterly pest control and the soonest available date for treatment!

POST-FLOOD PEST WATCH: Crazy Ants, Mosquitos, Fire Ants, Fleas, Spiders, Earwigs.

Boracare with Moldcare

All flooded homes that are gutted and have exposed wood studs need a Boracare with Moldcare treatment.  Arrow will completely saturate the exposed wood studs with Boracare with Moldcare product. This disinfectant treats for wood rot, viruses, bacteria, and multiple fungi’s. For more information on disinfectant clean up and prep, please refer to LSU Agcenter Resource Guide’s article Mold Removal Guidelines for Your Flooded Home.

Arrow’s Boracare with Moldcare treatment comes with a certificate of treatment to be issued to the homeowner.

For flood victims, Arrow is offering a Boracare with Moldcare and termite combo service at a large discount. Please contact our office for more details.


Call Arrow for a post-flood mosquito treatment.  Treatments start at just $35.  Free Estimates are available for long-term treatment programs and mosquito misting systems.