Every year, termites cost the city of New Orleans about $300 million. Experts estimate about 30-50% of the city’s historic live oak trees are believed to be infected. The termites navigate their way from the trees into the homes of thousand of New Orleans residents during termite season. Once they’ve made their way into a home, they continue to incur damage, costing homeowners about $3,000 on average. How does the Crescent City support such a large population of termites? Below we’ll explain why New Orleans has a serious termite control problem.

Formosan Termites

The primary termite species in Louisiana are called Formosan Termites. The species was introduced to New Orleans a few years after World War II, causing millions in damage over the following decade. The Formosan termite prefers warm climates. They nest deep within the soil and move into structures where land contacts wood. Formosan termites need water to survive. Most colonies build a carton to retain moisture in their nests. All their unique nesting habits and behaviors make them difficult to control, especially in New Orleans.

Food & Water

The colonies begin to grow and reproduce during late winter up until early spring. They typically coordinate their swarming with weather conditions. Colonies take flight after a period of heavy rain, typically while it is still overcast. New Orleans’ wet, rainy climate makes it the perfect place for Formosan colonies to settle. The moist soil found throughout the city provides most colonies with the tools they need to create a safe nest. Combined with Louisiana’s humidity, the Formosan termite has the most optimal environment for survival.

Can New Orleans Eliminate Termites?

Termites have been a part of the Earth’s ecosystem for almost 250 million years. It’s impossible to completely remove them from the environment, but homeowners can keep them away from their home. In most cases, termite treatments are complex, involving a multi-lateral approach. It’s tempting to treat an infestation yourself. However, most homeowners overlook important aspects of termite removal. Treatments require specialized tools and techniques.

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