Mosquito Articles

Why Owning a Mosquito Misting System is Worth It?

If you’re looking to enjoy your time in the yard this summer, a mosquito misting system can completely transform your outdoor experience. It’s an amazing feeling to stay bite free after a long evening outside. Are you apprehensive about purchasing a system? We’re here to dispel that fear! Below we’ve got a few reasons why […]

Preventing Late-Night Mosquito Swarms

Settling in for a relaxing evening in your backyard is the best part of the summer! Kicking your feet up, taking a dip in the pool or even firing up the grill! Typically, your afternoon is fantastic until that familiar buzz begins, and the itching starts. The first couple of bites are generally a signal […]

Recognizing and Understanding Mosquito Breeding Habits

Mosquitoes prefer stagnant water to lay their eggs. If your home has a pond or is near marshes, swamps or other wetland habitats then you may find you have mosquito problems. However, mosquitoes can easily survive and thrive even outside their natural habitats.   Hot and humid environments are best for mosquito growth and survival. […]

How Likely is it to Contract Zika?

The Zika virus was first discovered about 70 years ago but didn’t make a splash until last year’s outbreak. Headline after headline pushed the virus to the forefront of the news cycle in 2016. Mosquito season 2017 is approaching quickly, leading many of us to wonder if we should be concerned. Contracting the Zika virus […]

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